Anti-inflamatory diet (en)

11 de Abril de 2016

Anti-inflamatory diet (en)

A natural way to fight chronic pain 

Fernanda Lima. Nutritionist at Aliviam Pain Clinic. 

During the recent year several researches has demonstrated that what we eat has a direct influence in our physiological responses. In inflammatory circumstances it can either make our inflammation reactions be more intense and last longer, being pro-inflammatory, or on the other hand an appropriate diet can help the symptoms be less intense and last for a shorter period of time. It reduces chronic inflammation which is responsible for the chronic pain being.

Certain chronic disease such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, allergies, alzheimer, asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory bowl disease (ulcerative colitis or/and Crohn´s disease), inflammatory bowl syndrome and stroke are caused by some form of chronic inflammation, which end up leading to a chronic disease. Also people suffering from chronic pain in any form to a back pain, articular pain or muscle pain can also notice the benefits of this healthy dietary plan.

"People suffering from chronic pain in any form to a back pain, articular pain or muscle pain can also notice the benefits of this healthy dietary plan"



When this diet is followed most people can notice a big relief in the intensity and duration of their pain periods through out the day or week (e.g. instead of suffering of an intense pain through out the entire afternoon and night time. This is reduce to only a couple of hours and in a lower intensity of pain). People with asthma notice a better relief in the way they breath, they can breath easier and notice that their asthma attacks are less frequent.


The Mediterranean Diet

An anti-inflammatory diet is based on a Mediterranean diet which is high in;

- fruits  
whole grains
olive oil

It also includes a high intake of water approximately 2 liters of water per day, practice exercise regularly every day, and it is recommended a healthy sleeping habit of 7-8 hours of sleep per day starting the sleeping period around 22:00-23:00 as its when the body can recover better from its daily routine.

"An anti-inflammatory diet is based on a Mediterranean diet"


What not to eat

An anti-inflammatory diet is low in;

- meat
saturated fats
simple sugars (sweets, white flour, cakes...)

All of these, specially saturated fats and an excess in meat are pro-inflammatory and may cause the inflammatory process to be worse and in a major intensity.

"Saturated fats and an excess in meat are pro-inflammatory"

An anti-inflammatory diet is recommended for those suffering any chronic diseases or pain as it helps to relief most of the uncomfortable symptoms which are responsible of decreasing their quality of life. The less pain or disease manifestations as asthma attacks a person is suffering the easier it is to keep up with the daily routine, and reduces the intake of pain relievers and drugs consequently reducing all the side effects of taking these daily.

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