Aliviam provides emotional counselling to patients and families in order to improve wellbeing. Pain may have a negative impact in patients' emotional state, which may also affect their social and family relationships. Furthermore, certain psychological factors may cause or increase pain. Appropriate psychological counselling can help patients reduce anxiety, face suffering and modify pain perception.

Pain self-management workshops

The daily battle against pain is fought in our body and it is our body that automatically responds in an attempt to reduce pain. Breathing, posture and muscle tension are unconsciously altered. But our attempts to move away from the pain actually intensify the pain. 

Relaxation and breathing techniques are essential to gain consciousness and modify automatic responses to pain. We seek to control pain mechanisms, reduce suffering and improve the quality of life. Teamwork will allow you to share learning outcomes with people with the same problem. Pain self-management workshops are a useful tool to build a positive attitude and get your life back together. 


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