1. Multidisciplinar experienced team

Our team includes professionals from different specialties (anaesthesiologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and psychologists) with an extensive experience in pain management. They all work together to optimize diagnosis and implement the most appropriate individually specific procedures.

2. Accurate diagnosis

Identifying the origin and cause of pain by means of accurate diagnostic techniques is our priority to be able to implement the most adequate solution.

3. Minimally invasive techniques

We implement effective treatments using the latest minimally invasive techniques to reduce or eliminate pain without surgery.

4. Cutting-edge technology

Aliviam has access to advanced therapeutic both pharmacological and technological techniques to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

5. Individual care

We want our patients to feel comfortable in Aliviam’s environment. For that reason we take care of even the smallest details and strive to provide unsurpassed compassion and care to each patient.

6. Wide range of treatments

Our services include a wide range of solutions, including interventional pain management techniques, physiotherapy based procedures, psychological treatments or bio-regenerative medicine. 

7. Successful outcomes

Our treatments are a warranty of successful outcomes. We focus on each specific condition in order to address it effectively with the implementation of the most appropriate procedures and to get a significant improvement, eliminating or alleviating pain considerably.

8. Research and training as the basis of our work

Our professional team is actively engaged in research and continuous training activities to be familiar with the improvements and evolution of the different techniques used.

9. Agreements with most health insurance companies

Aliviam has agreements with most private health insurance companies to provide patients with access to our services. If no agreement exists, discounts may be applied to our treatments. 

10. Flexible appointment schedule

We offer our patients a broad and flexible appointment system.

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