Mission and visión
Aliviam's role

The main goal of Aliviam and our professional team is to improve the quality of life of our patients suffering from prolonged pain by means of an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment to reduce or eliminate pain. As wellness providers, we also strive to promote a healthy lifestyle and ageing among the whole population.

Founded as the first private pain clinic in Majorca, our vision is to serve as a model and make our services reach as many people as possible, sharing our knowledge and being part of a debate forum with similar centres. 

Aliviam pain clinic is a pioneer of pain management in Majorca. We aspire to become the first link in the chain, the one that receives patients, prescribes and refers, playing this way a new role. 

After being treated with various failed medical procedures to reduce or eliminate pain, patients usually come to pain clinics like ours. Based on the patient’ condition, pain clinics set themselves up as the first step for a complete and innocuous treatment, establishing the diagnosis and occasionally referring patients to a surgeon or traumatologist.

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