The clinic

Our clinic is equipped with leading technology to provide an effective treatment for pain, allowing for the implementation of minimally invasive pain management treatments such as diagnostic blocks, neurolysis of the sympathetic nervous system, radiofrequency to reduce spine pain, joint block procedures, etc.

Our facilities are specially designed to provide pain relief to our patients in a caring and comfortable environment.

Radiofrequency generator 

This is a painless procedure to deactivate or modulate pain signals in a controlled and precise way through the delivery of radio waves.

Medical ozone generator

The ozone generator is an apparatus which produces a molecule with three oxygen atoms from pure medical oxygen by releasing an electrical discharge. As ozone cannot be stored, it is instantly produced and then injected to stimulate the immune system natural response.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy

After a simple collection, blood undergoes a special centrifugation process to separate several blood cells layers and select only platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Surgery area for outpatient procedures

Our outpatient surgery complex has two fully equipped operating theatres, with a recovery room, for interventional pain management techniques. We pay special attention to safety and respect our patients’ privacy. 

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