What are cookies and why do we use it?

Cookies are small pieces of text which are housed on the user’s own terminal (PC, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, etc.) and they are used to store information on web browsers. These files store information about visited pages and browsing habits so that navigation is optimised the next time the user visits a website. Furthermore, cookies can store anonymous statistic information and ensure that the usability of a website is efficient.

Types of cookies

According to its permanence, cookies can be classified into session and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire or are eliminated when the web browser is closed, while persistent cookies are stored by a web browser and remain valid until its set expiry date, unless deleted by the user before the expiry date.

Cookies can be either owned by the editor, in this case or by third parties, generally entities that process the data obtained through the cookies.

According to its purpose, cookies can be divided into:

Technical cookies: these cookies optimise the user’s experience and the use of the different options and services provided by the website, such as, user’s login or social-media sharing.

Customization cookies: these cookies enable users to access the service with some of the general characteristics that are pre-defined according to a series of preferences set in the user's terminal such as language or geographical location.

Analytical cookies: these cookies are generated by the sender to track and analyse the behaviour of the users of the website the cookies are attached to. 

The information gathered is used to analyse their patterns in order to improve the navigation experience.

Advertising cookies: these cookies enable the management of advertising spaces at the website.

Customised advertising cookies: this type of cookies permits storing information about the user’s interaction with the site advertising, personalising the type of advert to try to offer campaigns of interest for the user.

Operation of cookies at Aliviam 

Cookies Information subject to treatment Purpose
Stricty necessary User's session, set language, accepted cookies Management and mainteance of the user's session, browsing settings, load balance.
AddThis Visitors login Share via social media

Google Analytics,

Visited sites, frequency, number and repetition of visits, browsing time, related searches, accessed links, used browser, service operator, IP related location.

Measurement and analysis of users’ browsing, track and analysis of user’s behaviour, elaboration of anonymous browsing profiles, introduction of improvements based on the user’s data analysis.

How to disable cookies on the main browsers

All modern browsers permit deactivating the use of cookies, denying a particular service permission to store them, or doing so globally for all browsing. Normally the options to carry out this type of setting can be found in the browser “Options” or “Preferences” menu.

In the help section of the browser, users can find information on the different options for the management of cookies:

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:

Apple Safari:

Cookies sent by Google Analytics can also be deactivated with the opt-out add-on designed by Google, which can be found on the following link:

Social media cookies can be deactivated by logging out of the social media site before visiting our brand profile.

Deleting cookies may have a negative impact on the usability of this website.


Accept Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para ofrecer nuestros servicios, mostrar publicidad y recoger información estadística. Al continuar con la navegación entendemos que lo acepta. Puede encontrar información sobre cómo borrar las cookies de su navegador en Google.