Pain clinic
in Majorca

Aliviam is the leading private pain clinic in Majorca. Our goal is to improve our patients’ quality of life by offering a multidisciplinary approach to pain management through a rigorous and convenient diagnosis and the implementation of uniquely-tailored specific treatments.

At Aliviam we strive to provide health care and wellness by focusing as well on prevention, the promotion of healthy habits and the implementation of the bio-regenerative medicine principles.


We offer full assessment and treatment for the different pain conditions through minimally invasive pain management procedures, with real time images and non-surgical techniques.

Our therapies are individually tailored for each patient’s condition and type of pain. We use the latest and most effective technology to manage pain from a multidisciplinary approach: medical, nutritional, psychological and physiotherapeutic.

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Some of our patients share their experience in this video. Watch the video if you want to know first-hand the benefits that Aliviam can provide.

Paciente de Aliviam

Chronic pain

Pain is our body’s alarm signal of injury and it is currently the most common reason for medical consultations. When pain prolongs for more than 3 or 6 months it is considered as a chronic pain, and it must be treated accordingly.

The number of people suffering from chronic pain has increased in the last decades, mainly due to increased life expectancy and the subsequent rising volume of elderly patients.

Living without pain is possible: a good therapist must establish the cause of pain and implement the most appropriate treatment to help relieve prolonged pain.

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